Scotch eggs

Hey! so its another day.. Which means another recipe. Okay so today i felt like making something light and i didnt have a lot of time on my side so i went for the scotched eggs. Its a very easy recipe you can do at anytime. 

First youll need: 

1kg of minced meat

a pinch of salt

Chopped scallions

black pepper

cayenne pepper

garlic powder

ginger powder

2 eggs

dried parsley


2 seasoning cubes

6 cooked eggs



Mix all ingredients together (apart from breadcrumbs and cooked eggs). Cover each egg with the meat mixture and wrap up into a ball. Roll it in breadcrumbs then dip in egg, roll again in breadcrumbs then deep fry. And youre done. Let oil drip completely from the cooked scotched eggs before serving. Cut in halves and dig in 😋


8 Comments Add yours

  1. fatima matori says:

    Will try this tomorrow. Thank you.


  2. chedenbaba says:

    Beautiful will try inshaAllah


  3. Fatima Bashir Aminu says:

    I tried this today Nd Delicious doesnt even begin to describe it. Thank You Chef.
    Looking forward to more beautiful Recipes, Fee Amanillah. ❤️


    1. UmmeetaRabiu says:

      Thank you. Im glad you liked it💕


  4. umm mahbub says:

    will try this today insha Allah.tnx


  5. Anonymous says:

    It sounds great. Will try Insha Allah


  6. Aseee says:

    Will try this in school during Ramadan


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