Fruit salad

Okay so people have been asking me the secret to my fruit salad.. Honestly i just do the basic stuff. 

Like i cut the fruits in tiny chunks. And if im using banana or apples (or any fruit that turns blackish and left for a while) i add lemon juice. 

If im using water melon i pick out all the seeds. For pineapple i remove all that stuff that goes deep ( the brownish something that pineapples have) or i just use can pineapples. 

I never i repeat never use papaya because i hate it with passion (but you can use it if you like). 

The ingredients for my basic fruit salad are : bananas, pineapple, apples and watermelon. If im feeling fancy i add in kiwi and strawberies. Orange juice or pineapple juice is a necessity. ( i really dont waste my time squeezing oranges rather i use store bought orange juice. Maybe five alive citrus or something of that nature. Make sure to dilute it) add in lemon juice. (You can just squeeze two lemons or lime) dont stir too much because it can crush the fruits. Dont put too much liquid (gives it a poor nature)imageimage


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mehn! Ummetaa. You’re too good. May Allah continue to guide and protect your family. Allah ya sa ki fihaka.

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