How i make fried chicken.. I call it the Rabiu chicken. Lol

Okay so first i add in onions in a pot with garlic cloves, black pepper, cumin, cayenne pepper, white pepper, chicken spice, seasoning, salt, ginger and white pepper.

Then i add water and bring to a boil till gravy.

I then take out the chicken and roll in breadcrumbs. (I use italian style breadcrumbs)

Then i dip it in eggs

Then i roll it back in breadcrumbs.

Heat up some oil in a frying pan and fry your chicken till golden brown.

Take out your chicken and strain in a paper towel.

And voila youre done. Serve with ketchup or marinara sauce. Or anything you want.



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  1. maman eaman says:

    Wooow. Mouth watery. It looks so crispy n love to


  2. Aysha Abba says:

    It’s looks yummy but I can’t figure out whats that spice on the plate when you rolled it ……is it maggi and green paper ?


    1. Italian spiced breadcrumbs


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