Mozzarella sticks

Youll need

Mozzarella cheese (cut lengthwise. About 3″ long and 1″ wide)

Italian style breadcrumbs

2eggs (whisked)

Vegetable oil for frying


Roll in your mozzarella in the eggs and dip in breadcrumbs, then back in the egg and back in the breadcrumbs. Repeat till a thick layer is formed.

Heat up your oil and put in your mozzarella sticks for 1minute or less. Or just until slightly browned. Watch it or else the cheese will pop out and become runny.

Serve immediately with ketchup or marinara sauce.



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  1. Nana waziri says:

    Masha Allah…

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  2. Anonymous says:

    A question pls i dnt understand the first step “told in mozzarella in the eggs)


    1. The mozzarella comes in a chunk. You have to slice it then roll breadcrumbs and in whisked eggs. Then roll back in breadcrumbs.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Clearify it please


  4. hadulbyub says:

    Looks so yummy, definitely gonna try it In Shaa Allah.


  5. Debs says:

    Finally! I’d try this. I think what I bought is already dipped in bread crumbs so I just need to dip in egg before frying. Thank you Ummeetaa 🖤

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    1. No need to dip in egg, just fry it and try it with garlic sauce. I promise its amazing. Just have an open mind

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