Vegetable seafood fettuccine

Heyy there everyone. Ive not been active for a while now. (Had a baby  and too much stuff to deal with) but im back with a simple recipe to make when youre in a hurry but want something fancy..

For this youll need

A pack of seafood cocktail

Baby carrots

Sweet corn



Baby corn

Green bell pepper

A pack of Fettuccine

Half onion

2tbs vegetable oil

4 cubes of chicken condiments (preferably maggi)

Black pepper

Cayenne pepper

All spice

Crushed oregano

Chilli pepper


Ginger powder


Cook your fettuccine as stated on the pack.

Chop your onion. Wash and put in a pan. Add in seafood, mushrooms and peas. Put 2tbsp of vegetable oil and stir fry.

Add in spices (about half a teaspoon for each. Though the black pepper and salt depends on your taste buds.) add in your already cooked baby carrots, baby corn, sweet corn and green bell pepper. (The bell pepper should be sliced.)

Bring your fettuccine and mix together. Serve with a chilled drink. (I had mine with orange juice)

Enjoy. xo


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  1. yasmin says:

    please what and what is in the seafood cocktail pack? and where can i get one.


    1. Calamari, octupus and shrimps


      1. yasmin says:

        okay. thanks


    2. I got mine from wellcare. But im pretty sure you can get it in every supermarket/grocery store


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