The story of my pregnancy

Hello beautiful people..
Ive been away for a while to have a baby. Guess what? I got a boy and we named him Nour. Hes now almost 6months old. (How time flies) Alhamdulillah

When i was almost due i went back home to have the baby. In our culture one has to go home to have their first kid. My mum helped me with everything. She fed my husband, took care of me (doctors visits etc).

One day we went for an appointment (it was three weeks to my edd) i decided i was going to have a cesarean section because i was really scared of labour. (Shit that thing really scares the crap out of me). The doctor agreed (after like two hours of examining my body) we fixed a date and went home to wait for it.

Everything was going well but then i had contractions and stuff. Baby kept moving. I cried all night. I went to my parents room at 3am, crying and knocking. I couldnt say anything so i just kept on crying.

By 5am everything settled. It was false labour (braxton hicks). I had some sleep for a few hours and by 1pm we went to the clinic. My mum explained everything to the doctor and he said there was nothing to worry about.

I broke in tears and started yelling. I kept shouting ‘im tired get this baby out of me’. He said he cant that we had to have an agreement and my husband had to be involved. He called up my husband (who was out of town for business purposes). They spoke and spoke and later on he handed me the phone.

I said hello. The first thing i heard was a no. Its not possible. I started crying (you know pregnant people and tears) and insisted on it. We finally had an agreement and i was set to have my baby 2days after. It was a thursday 30th june.

On friday 1st July, i packed my things and went to the hospital. My mum and grandmother were with me. (My husband had an unexpected trip back) i spent the night there.

On saturday 2nd july 10am, a nurse came to me and told me to be ready for my appointment. I took off my clothes and wore the hospital gown. My mum, grandmum and husband were with me. They escorted me to the theatre room and waited by the entrance.

As i entered, i wasnt scared at all. I was actually looking forward to it. The surgery began and we talked with the doctors and nurses. (Yes i had an epidural). When they were about to bring out the baby they told me. As they cut the cord they showed him to me. I was in tears.

Tears of joy. As i looked at his face the first thing i saw was his daddys nose. Lol. I got sealed up and was taken back to the ward.

I layed on my back for 8hours. Slept. Woke up and couldn’t move. The epidural wore out and that shit hurt like hell. One week later i was discharged. The wound healed fast. And baby Nour was fine too.

When we are pregnant we tend to gain a lot of weight which is hard to shed after baby. But for me it was very easy.

I gained about 18kg when i was pregnant. I lost all that weight 2weeks postpartum. I really didnt do anything extraordinary its just how my body is (though ive gained 4inches around the waist)

So there you go. Thats the story behind baby Nour’s birth.



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  1. Maamah h says:

    M just seeing this SulπŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†! Sannu…. Nul habiby is all grown up Masha Allah❀😍


  2. Miss Rilwan says:

    Allah ya raya.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Masha Allah. Thats good.

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  4. deelahromeesa says:

    Oh lovely.
    I’m just seeing this and this is indeed beautiful.
    May Allah bless baby Nour, and of course the parents. All the pains are surely for something good.

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  5. Dupsysalmah says:

    Masha Allah sis 😍 😍😍


  6. Maryam says:

    OMG😍😍😍.my everyday fav


  7. Anonymous says:

    For the first time in my life I have met someone born on d same day as me 2nd July 😹😹😹😻😻😻😻❀❀

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