Not your everyday Shepherd’s pie 

Hey everyone..

I have been so busy lately that i hardly ever cook (not to talk of posting). So yeah im back now.

This pie is something you can just make when you feel lazy. I made it last night for my husband, he wanted something light and i had tons of potatoes so why not make pie? (Genius!) . For the recipe youll need:

About 7 potatoes boiled and peeled


Minced meat (beef or lamb)

Peas and carrots

Spices: Paprika, cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, maggi, cumin, garlic and bbq spice

About half cup of water

Mozzarella cheese


Mash potatoes. Add in milk and mix

Put minced meat, spices and peas&carrot in a skillet. Stir fry. Add in some water and cook for about 5mins. Transfer to a baking dish. Flatten and make a layer of the mash. Then top with cheese (either sliced or grated. Chedder would go too) garnish with diced scallions and bake for about 30mins on low heat. ( Till cheese is completely melted).
For this you have to use a lot of cheese. The cheese and milk are what gives it that extra pop.



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  1. ilhamkawu says:

    wow…thank you for the recipes

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