Sea food spaghetti in alfredo sauce garnished with mushrooms and parsley.

Hi there.

I put myself on a dairy diet for a week (which i have completed already) Not that anything was wrong with me, i just felt like ‘let me try this. Maybe itll be good for my body’ lol. So enough about my diet. Heres your recipe for this yum spag.


3 capsicum halves (yellow, green and red)

Cooking cream

Mozzarella cheese

2 maggi cubes

Half pack of a sea food cocktail (i used only the crab and squid)

1 onion cubed

Sweet Corn (not necessary because i ended up not using mine)


Dried Parsley

Black pepper

Garlic powder


2tbsp oil

Half pack spaghetti (i used golden penny)


Cook the spaghetti as directed on the pack.

Stir fry your seafood with onions and salt. Add in the maggi and capsicum.

Keep the stir fry aside in a bowl. Now in that same skillet put about 2tbsp of oil and pour in the cream. (I used the whole pack. Not sure how many grams) as it starts to boil put in your cheese and keep stiring. (In this case you dont have to have grated cheese. I used slices and it worked fine. You just need to have a fine thick but runny result. I have no other way to explain lol)

Before making the sauce you must have drained your spag. (Take out about a ladle full of the sauce and keep aside) Now add the stir fry to the sauce and mix. Then add in your spag. Plate it.

Use that little sauce to stir fry your mushroom with. Put a pinch of salt and garnish your spag with it. Sprinkle dried parsley leaves on top.

Yum. 😋

Its actually really nice because my husband cleared his plate in less than 8mins.





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  1. rahma danlami aka mamies85 says:



  2. ilhamkawu says:

    Wow……thank you for the recipe💝💝


  3. ilhamkawu says:

    I really like it and I try inshaAllah


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