Changes to the blog

Hey guyss..

So today i decided to make changes to ‘the blog’ .. yep! You read right. Im going to be posting other stuff (you know, ‘things’ lol)

But seriously im going to be more involved in the ‘blogger world’. Ill be posting stuff like ootd, lifestyle stuff, beauty hacks, fashion hacks, beauty and fashion tips, makeup product reviews, stuff i find interesting..  Basically just stuff that a typical girl would be interested in. (Your girl is becoming girly.. lol)

FOOD is still the MAJOR part of the blog. (All other stuff are just extras.  Yeah. I guess thats it.

Oh! Follow my instagram accounts please

For my fashion brand

For my photography page @sacrebleu_photography

And my personal page @ummeetaa_x

My twitter and snapchat @ummeetaa_x

So what do you think about these tweaks? Comment below. Your opinions mean a lot.

xoxo, Ummeeta🌸<<


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Maryam Ibrahim says:

    Yass! What a great idea👏🙌


  2. Nana says:



  3. Actually I have been following you on instagram for a while and I absolutely admire you! I honestly can’t wait to see more of the changes…xx

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  4. ilhamkawu says:

    woww..i really like the new design….its very nice

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