Date night

Hey lovelies..

In our tradition (my husband and i) we take a saturday of every month to go on a date to some place weve never been to (since we moved to abuja). So on this fateful saturday we chose to go to Pow Restaurant.

Its a pan asian cuisine. The food there is heaven😍😩 you all need to try it. I cant remember the food we ordered but here are the pictures. My drink was a mai tai (asian for pinacolada). We had the pow fried rice, fish in some asian sauce i cant remember. Then sea food spring rolls wrapped with rice paper.  Nothing much but it sure was a good dinner.

The environment was very serene and comfortable. I really liked the black interior (im such a sucker for black). I also took some pictures 🙈 (this first one was at the mall)

We later then went to the mall to get me a lipstick. Mac burnt spice. But unfortunately it was out of stock. (That was my only purpose lol) but i couldnt just go to the mall and not buy anything so i stormed into Mango and got a pair of glasses and some shoes.

I guess thats all i did on that day.

Now that Ramadan is starting tomorrow ill be posting a lot more recipes. Just stay posted😘

xoxo Ummeeta


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