My nighttime skin care routine

Hey guys.

A night time skin care routine is really crucial, so you need to develop one. Tonight im sharing mine with you. (Due to popular demand)

So basically i cleanse, use a face mask and then moisturise.

I use clean and clear shine control cleanser, a 24k gold mask and body shop tea tree oil cleansing lotion. Daily.

Once a week i do the charcoal face mask. If you dont have it or cannot get it you can make a diy. 2tbsp school glue and 1tbsp activated charcoal.

For pimples i use cinnamon and honey. 3tbs honey and 1tbsp cinnamon. Apply on the face and wash off after 10mins. For big pointy pimples that have puss i use toothpaste on them and leave over night.

So thats it. Nothing special. I guess my skin already has that glow. Lol.

xoxo, Ummeeta.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mulzz says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for what to use in my face. I’ll try the honey and cinnamon.


  2. Aseee says:

    Hey I’m not quite clear on the type of glue to use
    Thank u


    1. School glue. The white one


  3. victorious says:

    Hello,please what do you use doing the day?

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  4. phauxyerh says:

    Hello,pls what do you use during the day?


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