A day at MagicLand, Abuja.

Hey lovelies..

Yeah i know its been ages😢 I’ve been pretty busy with my latest collection and things, but now I’m here..

You guys will probably laugh at me but for the whole 2years I’ve lived in abuja i have never been to wonderland (now called magic land)🙈 . Its a large amusement park located at the very heart of abuja. So on this fateful Sunday we decided to go with Abdulsamad and Hauwa. I really hoped to take some dope pictures but.. oh well..

I imagined it to be like this mind blowing amusement park (because honestly its been overhyped) only to find out that almost everything was old. Lol. I first went on the Ferris wheel (oh lord! Such a disaster). The sound that thing makes will scare the shit out of you and make you feel like it broke and youve started falling. I managed to take a picture of the view tho.

The view from the ferris wheel.

Next i went on the pirate ship. It was actually fun for me. I kept shouting at the control guy to shut it down cause i can swear that my guts were falling out from inside me😅. I also managed to get a cotton candy and some popcorn.

I dint go on much rides but the place turned out to be really nice and we actually had so much fun. Here are some pictures we took.

xoxo, Ummeeta🌸


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  1. Fatee B-A says:

    Always a delight! 🌸

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