Yay! Its NR’s birthday

Yesterday the 23rd of august, was my best friends birthday (who is also my uncle). I and my family decided to surprise him with a lunch and some cupcakes but because we couldn’t chill we had to tell him😅.

We decided to go to Blu Cabana Restaurant, in Abuja. The lunch was supposed to start at 3pm but because we are ‘The Rabiu’s’ , Inventors of African time we showed up by 6pm😂 one of us didn’t come till it was almost 7.

I couldn’t even stop at the cake store to get the cupcakes, he had to get them himself. Eventually everyone was there and we had dinner instead of lunch🙈. He blew out his candle and we took pictures. It was a really nice get together. Enough words and more pictures😅 so here goes..

Cupcakes from Chloes cupcake heaven @chloescupcakeheaven (instagram)

Shoes: charlesdavid (@charlesdavidshoes)

Bag: charles&keith (@charleskeithofficial)

Location: Blu Cabana

xoxo, Ummeeta..


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