A day at chloes cupcake heaven!

My friend (Aisha Umar @mss_vogue) and I got invited to Chloes cupcake heaven(@chloescupcakeheaven on instagram) for cake and dessert tasting. It was on a monday so we didnt have much to dress up (because it was a monday duh!!).

So basically its more of a cake shop located at the very heart of Abuja. (No35 Ademola adetokumbo, wuse 2). They make cupcakes, doughnuts, ice cream, milk shakes, waffles, pop corn, birthday cakes, and much more.

The atmosphere of the shop was really conducive and serene. The arrangement of the shop itself is so cute. It really feels like youre in heaven but of cakes.. Literally..

The customer service was really amazing and they never get tired of getting you new forks or cup lids. (Im so clumsy i got 2 extra cup lids 😂 ya know, i was really enjoying that milk shake)

Here are some pictures i took;

my beautiful friend Aysha

So there you go. Make sure you stop by and try the chicken waffle-wich, its a real delicacy, I legit messed up my white kimono eating it. Im already drooling thinking about it😍.

And heres what i wore;

Kimono from Sacrebleu (@sacrebleu_by_ur on instagram)

Bag from Aldo

Shoes from Michael kors

Watch from Esprit

Glasses from Vogue

Bracelet from some random shop at the mall

Aisha’s Bag from Aldo

Ps pictures of me look weird because Aisha isnt a good photographer. She has to take a couple before i chose these😂 but you guys can manage..

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xoxo, Ummeeta.


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