The best cookies in Abuja

Few days back i received a pack of 12 cookie cups from 5star cravings (@5starcravings on instagram). It is a confectionary shop in abuja. They make cup cakes, cookies, birthday cakes, meringue cookies, tarts etc.

The cookie cups had a very rich chocolatey caramel kind of filling. Very very nice. Not too sweet not too salty, just the right kind of sweetness. The packaging was really cute.

The first time i bought their cookies was way back in May. I saw the picture on Instagram and decided to try them. Ever since I’ve been addicted. I cant go a week without buying🙈.

I got the double chocolate cookies on a hot ramadan afternoon. The smell of the cookies kept on pushing me to break my fast. I tried so hard to resist it. Luckily, Iftar came and ate the cookies. Wallah! Im not even lying, they were the best cookies of my life!! (For me they’re better than marks&Spencer or subway)

So far ive only tried their banana cake but that cake is heaven. And toddlers love it. The cake is made of banana and a few raisins (just the right amount). It comes either frosted or plain. Its really a must try..

They also make meringue cookies.

Birthday cakes too.

So if youre ever in abuja, your cookie place is 5star cravings.. Dont take my word for it just TRY it and comment your feed back below.. or on instagram @ummeetaa_x i promise you wont regret it.

Warning; cookies are really addictive. Try on your own risk. Lol

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  1. Hello, I tried the cookies before and it’s really amazing , chewing and with the white chocolate , oh god !!! It’s just perfect . Y’all should try some

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  2. Too bad they don’t make gluten free cakes 😭😭 I would really love to try them.

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    1. They actually do. Call them up and ask about it

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