Eid in Kano with my girls.. #Minions🐣

So basically kano people plan way over their heads for Eid, and I’m one of them. This year i made plans with my closest friends, Rahma, Myra and Aisha. We had a henna party on eid’s eve at henna lounge (@henna_lounge_kn on Instagram). They make really amazing henna designs, infact to me, she makes the best henna in kano. (I have never actually had a henna tattoo that i loved except this one because the one i had the previous eid was shit and i had to use toothpaste, lime, hair relaxer, soap and sponge to wash it off and it didn’t even fade😐).

How cute do these designs look? I kept mine minimal and classy.

Rahma’s looks cute and all on her cute little hands

Aisha’s was big and minimal. Shes a girl of big things and nice stuff, but she always keeps it minimal. Myra had the biggest henna among the four of us. It still looked cute and bomb on her hands.

The henna was done and we went home and waited for eid. The morning arrived and all the kids and men went for salatul Eid (women go also but i was making a lot of food so i missed it). I finished cooking and picked out my outfit of the day, and make up. Took my shower and dressed up.

I had a few kids come over and i gave them barka da sallah (money and meat in this case. Its a tradition that every visitor you get during eid is entitled to get free food and money from you.). Later in the evening my girls came over and we took some pictures. I was the photographer and some we took on self timer🙈😅.

From the left, Myra, Aisha, Rahma and Me. Eventually the day came to an end and they left. I took off all my makeup and wore my pjs then went straight to bed.

Thats all that happened that day, but atleast we had fun.

xoxo, Ummeeta.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was really fun, ily❤️

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  2. Yakub Minjibir says:

    Y’all have the good contents here. Keep it going like this, AK’s Muffin 🤗🤩

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