Fashionable Entities

Few days earlier i had a delivery from Fashionable Entities (a uk based business) and i was amazed by how fast it was and how everything was intact. To top that up she gave me four packs of my favorite cookies for FREE!! So i decided to have an interview with the brains behind the business, Mrs Fauzia.

Ro: Hello Fauzy, Please can you tell us about yourself?

Fauzy: My name is Mrs Fauziyya Ibrahim. I am married and blessed with two beautiful daughters. I am from Kano State, Nigeria, but based in the UK.

Ro: How did you start up your brand and why?

Fauzy: Business has been my passion since when I was younger. I started Fashionable Entities 5 years ago and I own the brand.

Ro: What do you do as business? Or what services do you render?

Fauzy: I trade on almost everything. You cannot be wrong for saying that my brand moto is JACK OF ALL TRADES. From adult and childrens clothing/accessories to home decoration, kitchen utensils, bridal packages, asoebi packages, newborn baby packages, home curtains, foreign and made in Nigeria furniture. I also coordinate and deliver cooking classes and makeup classes. In addition, I trade in traditional skin care products (kayan gyaran jiki). I offer delivery of purchased items from the UK to Nigeria within two weeks after payment.

Ro: Is there a way that your potential customers from my blog contact you for business?

Fauzy: You can follow me and my brand on Instagram @fashionable_entities.

Ro: Any final words before we end this interview?

Fauzy: I would like to use this opportunity to thank my dear parents, my brother (Muttaka) and my dearest husband. They all are amazing. Without their support, there would not be fashionabale entities. And to all my customers, I say a big thank you .

Thank you Ummita Rabiu for taking your time to write about me and my business.

So people this was our talk with Fauzy. Make sure you check their Instagram for more details. @fashionable_entities

Thank you for tuning in..

xoxo Ro.


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