Places to go/eat on a budget in Abuja and have fun. Part 1

1. Park and zoo

So this is a park and a zoo in one place. It has a really nice scenery, some interesting animals and Aso rock. (The actual Aso rock)

I was bored on a Saturday so I went there with my family and we really enjoyed the place. Mind you this was my first time there, ever (Don’t judge me). Basically we took pictures, went around, saw the animals and bought Nour a balloon😅. The gate fee was also very very very VERY CHEAP (unfortunately I cant remember how much). There are also some kind of games for the kids to play.

2. Tulip Bistro

I know you guys must think I’m not serious but you can actually take a date to Tulip Bistro and spend less than N10k. Heres the secret; Go there, order for a salad and a drink (your date too). The salad (caesar) is basically just N2500/2800 (cant remember precisely) and the drinks (Pina Colada & Tamarind and ginger) were 1500 each. Totaling to less than 10k. Take pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.

3. Chloes Cupcake Heaven

You can also go to Chloe’s and have anything. Basically everything there is really really affordable. Their cupcakes are of N450, N530 and N630. Tea goes N450, Ice cream N500 and every other thing is affordable. So why not just go there chill, take pictures and enjoy the yummy cupcakes?

4. Pow Restaurant

Pow is a pan Asian restaurant. They legit make the best Asian food in Abuja (for me). You can go there and eat on a budget. You either eat rice and sauce with a drink or have a noodle soup with a drink or soup, drink and a sushi. Really depends on what you want. The price there isn’t mind blowing honestly. You can actually go there and spend less than 10k. If Im on a budget and I want to eat asian food i go to pow. I get my favorite noodle soup (Pho with prawns) and a strawberry ginger ale daiquiri.

For now thats all I can write. Stay tuned for part 2. Thank you for reading.


xoxo Ummeeta.


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  1. Saadatu faruk says:

    Woow thats grt will surely try going there

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  2. ChiChi says:

    Great Post, hun.
    Park and Zoo looks like a really lovely place. Would def go there with my son soon.

    Thanks a bunch for sharing!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should. Its really a cool place to hang out with kids. Thanks too.


  3. Demi says:

    Is it weird how I was actually going to make a post very similar to this! lol I haven’t been to any of the places you mentioned recently though but I think I should check them out… especially chloes! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should. Like I go there almost all the time😅

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Demi says:

        I definitely will! Look out!


  4. Beebs says:

    Awesome nice read 👌

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  5. Amina says:

    I should definitely visit all of these places. My routine needs to change.

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