Product Review: YumYum Drinks

Hey guys. Lately Ive been so busy juggling with collaborations, my job, my fashion business, being a wife and a mummy (Life isn’t easy). I hardly ever find time to write🙈 so today Im writing about some drinks I tasted on Friday 3rd Nov, 2017.

YumYum is an upcoming drink business based here in abuja. They run the business online. They make smoothies, fruit punches, lemonades, milkshakes (basically drinks) etc. I was given the honor of trying the chocolate Mocha milkshake, Apple/banana smoothie, lemonade and fruit punch.

First I had the chocolate Mocha;

Guys Im not even exaggerating!! Im not a fan of chocolate but I would have this drink all day everyday. Maybe its the coffee or something that gave it that out of this world taste. You just need to try it. I would give it an 80 out of 100.

Secondly, I tried the Fruit Punch.

Personally I am a huge fan of fruit juices.. So this fruit punch gave me an actual blow/explosion of flavors. Like fammmmm! It was really nice. I don’t know what was inside it but it sure was worth it. I’d definitely be buying it for my events or just a lunch break. I would give this a 90 out of 100.

Thirdly, I had the lemonade. I actually wasn’t feeling the lemonade. It had like this strong lemony sour flavor, and some minty taste with very little sugar to it. It also had this strong after taste that lingers in your mouth for a few seconds (you know what I mean). So Yomi if you’re reading this I’m sure you’ll put more sugar and less concentrated lemon juice😘. I would give it a 40 because it actually wasn’t that bad.

Lastly, I had the Apple/Banana smoothie. I was kind of down because of the lemonade so I wasn’t sure I was going to like the apple/banana smoothie. Ive never tried the combo before so I wasn’t sure. I just tasted for tasting sake. Fam it blew my mind. I legit drank half of it in one sip. Never knew an apple and banana combo would be this bomb!!! Guys even if it doesn’t exist, Yomi has done it. I recommend this drink 1000 times. I would give it a 98 out of 100. Good job Yomi, this smoothie is the bomb. And guys if you’re trying to be healthy and fit this smoothie is for you. Yomi will always come through for you.

So these are the only flavors I tried and this is my honest review. To check out YumYum’s portfolio follow their Instagram account @yommies_ or click here

Thank you for reading




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  1. Anything chocolate is my favourite. I should try the chocolate mocha

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  2. Demi says:

    Now I’m about to go check out yum yum and find where they are! lol

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