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One hot October afternoon I received a call from my friend Rhoda of adohr speaks. She told me I was invited to the Le rouge fringe Soirée which was happening on 4th November. My first sentence was ‘ but I don’t own any fringe from le rouge’ she replied ‘dont worry. Ammah has given you a piece.’

I was super excited and I just couldn’t figure out what to wear under the jacket I got. I dont know if it was the jacket or the color but I found it really difficult to style. I tried over 30 dresses and none had the look I was going for. I either looked like a homeless person who got a fancy jacket or a housemaid who stole their boss’s jacket. Lol.

The event was supposed to start by 5pm and it was already 5.30 and I had nothing to wear. I finally decided I wasn’t going, so I called my good friend Aisha of Aishaz kitchen on facetime to tell her about everything. When I finished she was like ‘Girl get back in that closet! We must find you something to wear because you are going to that event!’.

We tried almost everything I owned. Eventually we got this white dress. It looked really nice but I had worn it to an event previously that month. I didn’t want to repeat it but Aisha insisted I wore it and I did. I quickly did my makeup, took my purse and left my house. It was around 7.30pm then.

On arriving the venue I called Rhoda and asked if she was there. I went in and found other people I knew. We took pictures and had some canapés.

The desserts were made by decadent treats. There was tea, punches and lots more. The shop was really cute and had this really cute naked chandelier.

There were people shopping, gisting, eating, taking pictures.. etc. There were also a lot of networking opportunities. I met a lot of Influential people like Zahra Buhari, The indimi sisters etc. I also made new friends..

Met a lot of photographers.. took a lot pictures and then I decided I was going home. (Oh there was a birthday girl in the house). I checked the store and found a really cute sun shade and I bought it. (after all it was a shopping party).

And that was it. Here are some of the pictures I took.. (or rather other photographers snapped me)



Photo credit goes to ; (instagram handles)

@mrobinnaobioma (2 pictures after the first 4)

@bigwillzphotography (last 2 pictures)

@dkinboss_inc (first 4 pictures)


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Loveee your blog

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  2. Nana says:

    You looked soooo good 😍😍♥️♥️

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  3. Anonymous says:

    MashaAllah look so good😻


  4. Khayr says:

    Ma Sha Allah.. Always looking cute.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Masha Allah


  6. Shafaa says:

    Masha Allah! You looked lovely

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