Cake hut!! The only cake in a jar brand in Abuja.

So few days back I received a pack of 3 cakes in jars from Cake hut. The packaging was really cute and aesthetically attractive. It was really one of a kind (because lets face it, in this Nigeria not everyone does high quality packaging). The jars were really thick and made of glass. They can be recycled also. (I mean you can actually take them back to be refilled with cake). You can also use them to store some stuff, like spices, honey, bakhoor, sugar etc.

So I got the Red velvet, Vanilla and brownie. They came with cute little spoons. I tried the red velvet first, I took out the frosting and ate the cake directly. The taste was okay but it wont blow your mind. I then tasted the frosting and it had little or no sugar in it. If youre on a low sugar diet I guess this Red velvet right here is your guy.

I then tried the Vanilla next. It tasted alright. The frosting tasted like unsalted butter but when mixed with the cake it was amaze-balls. It had this french taste and smells like it just came out of a french oven. I dont know if it was just me but it had this ‘croissanty’ taste. And I loved it.

Lastly I had the brownie. The brownie was amazing😍 It tasted like dark chocolate mixed with regular chocolate to make a gooey goodness😭🤤. I couldn’t even wait to take a picture I ate almost half of it.

My best among all three flavors was the brownie, followed by the Vanilla. I highly recommend the brownie but the red velvet not so much.

So guys save up your jars and recycle ♻️.




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    1. Amazing read. Love how honest you were!


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