Dinner at Uncle D’s restaurant, Abuja.

Few days back I got a dinner invitation to Uncle D’s restaurant. It is located at the very heart of Abuja, in cappador mall, Wuse II. They make a variety of foods, main dishes, appetizers, starters and desserts. I had a really a good time there.

On arriving to the restaurant my first impression was ‘what a cute and small place’. It could accomodate like 40 people. So I got a space and sat there to wait for my friends. They arrived and we ordered. We got the chicken penne rigate with tomato sauce and cheese, chicken grilled salad, Fried rice and stir fried meat with ginger in oyster sauce, wings and some sodas.

They show movies every Thursdays at 7pm. In spirit of Christmas, they’re showing Christmas themed movies. Make sure you go watch a movie and have a meal. The popcorn there is surprisingly amazing. Makes the movie 10x better. Lol.


My favorite was the pasta. The tomato sauce was completely different and the best I’ve ever had in my life. I had to tell the chef face to face that his pasta was 100/10. Guys I’m not even joking, I had it for dinner, packaged it home and had it for breakfast and lunch the next day. The portions are really big and generous. Theres enough tomato sauce to cover the pasta and even more chicken to make it better.

The salad was my second best. The chicken was fully seasoned and it had a variety of vegetables in it. My friends started eating it without the dressing (thats how good it is) until I told them there was a dressing on the table.

The fish wasn’t really among my favorites. I dont know if its the sauce or the fish, but I feel like it tasted too much like garlic and it had little or no flavor. I feel like it wasnt seasoned well or maybe thats just how the recipe is. If I were to eat it again I would definitely take my soy sauce or Maggi along.

The rice (alone) tasted really Chinese and good Chinese. With the sauce it tasted really really good. It was like every Chinese rice I’ve had, the only difference was the sauce. The beef was really tender and not overcooked. It had this really soft feel yet you have to chew it. I really loved that about the sauce.

Now the wings!! I loved the wings but when I got to it I was really full from eating all the above food lol. It was good. We ordered for spicy and the heat wasn’t too much. Just average pepper that wont make you run mad. Also we had ice cream!! Guys the ice cream is really good. In my opinion I think its the second best in Abuja. Try it and let me know what you think.

Thank you Uncle D for having us. It was really a pleasure to try out your food. (Im actually hooked on that pasta. I went to get it yesterday and Im getting it again tomorrow. )




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  1. Anonymous says:

    I Love their meals too… They make my eyes water…

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