I was under dressed for an Abuja wedding.

Hi guys. So this picture has nothing to do with this event because I took this like a while back.

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon when I got a message from my boss that I should be in the office, there’s work to do. In my head I was like okay, let me wear this bubu and my everyday mango shoes, What could go wrong? Guys everything went wrong.

I went to the office but he wasn’t there, so I gave him a call. He told me where he was and sent me an address. So I couldn’t go there on time so he sent me another address to meet him there. In my innocent head I was like okay, maybe its just another office.

On arriving the venue I realized it was an event center!! So many people and so many cars!!! I was like okay, maybe we have our separate space. I called him and asked where I could meet him because I was in an event center. He was like “yes thats the place. Come through the service entrance”.

My heart bounced! What?!! For real? A wedding in a silk bubu?! Okay its just a wedding calm down. I went to the service entrance and spoke to one of the security guards, he let me in and my heart skipped another beat!

Every other person on my crew was dressed up in suits and fancy shoes. Guys!! I was wearing a mango mule with green bubu and a heather veil! So I snapped “why didn’t you guys tell me to dress up?!” One of them replied “You know its a wedding why didn’t you?”

But seriously nobody told me we were going to a wedding. I felt really uncomfortable and sat by the dj’s table to hide myself. I did all my work from the dj’s stand. Eventually I finished my work and asked to leave. I left.

This was my most embarrassing day ever!! I couldn’t even mingle. In fact I couldn’t even go round to take pictures or something. My mum always said dress like you’re meeting the president. I dressed like I was homeless😅 but all is well. I hope you guys learn lessons from my mistake.

Have a lovely weekend..



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  1. Demi says:

    Hence why I like to over dress everywhere lol. Must have been so annoying. He could have at least given you a hint of where you were meeting him right?

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    1. He didnt. He just gave me an address

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      1. Demi says:

        I would have gone back home if I was you lol 😂😂😂


  2. OMG. At laguna relaunch event you went over dressed and you went underdressed to this wedding. I feel for you.

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    1. Zaynab says:

      Gosh! I can relate 🤦

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