How to build your confidence and live a better life♥️

Hi guys..

Im supposed to be filming this but I thought a blog post and a video will be better😜 Recently Ive been getting a lot of questions about how to be confident, how I’m so daring and confident, don’t I ever get afraid? Im here today to help you build your confidence and live a better life, because confident women rule the world!

I will number the points for you so please take note and take charge of your life.

First of all confidence is self acceptance and being aware of your flaws and still love yourself either way.

1. Know your worth! ; I cant emphasize enough on this point. Knowing your worth is everything. Never settle for less than you deserve. Confident women never settle, instead they go after what they want, work hard and set goals. Keep trying till you make it.

2.Stop comparing yourself to other people; comparing yourself to others does nothing to you rather than break you and make you feel inferior. Everyone is different. Lets face it nobody is perfect, even the richest and the most powerful people have problems.

3. Don’t be afraid to state your opinions; Confident women don’t hesitate to state their minds. They say what they think and never let others decide for them.

4. Learn to say no; Its not every time that you do something for others when its clearly out of your way. If you cant do it feel free to say no. You dont owe anyone anything.

5. Dont let criticism get to you; Grow a thick skin and shake it off. These things are just words and last I checked words dont kill you. Know your insecurities and over come them. Love yourself. You are a queen and every queen is unique.

6.Be grateful and surround yourself with positive energy. Dont hang out with people who do not have goals for their life, these people will only drag you down. Instead hang with people who are successful or have a mind of success and are ready to go after it.

7. Set standards and be exclusive to yourself. Get some alone time. Spoil yourself. I personally go for yoga or eat out when I am stressed. I love to go alone and calm myself. You can go to the spa or somewhere you can pamper yourself.

8. Be comfortable with people talking about you; People will always talk no matter what. Just be true to yourself and do what you think is right for you♥️

9. Its okay to be afraid; We all get afraid sometimes, but the difference of a confident woman and an ordinary woman is a confident woman takes the risk and do what scares her. Give yourself a challenge and overcome one of your fears daily. I used to be afraid of negative comments on instagram, Whenever I get them I delete them instantly, but as of 2016/2017 I stopped caring. These things are just words of sad people behind the screens who have no life and are hating on us. I grew balls and stopped caring.

You are a queen! Wear that crown and embrace your lifestyle #DatesWithRo

On another note here are some pictures (selfies) I took the other day wearing Faded lipsticks. You can get yours at


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  1. surayyam says:

    Beautiful. Well said dear ❤
    You really are an inspiration 💕

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      1. surayyam says:

        Mention not


      2. Anonymous says:

        Thankyou 💖

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  2. Nafisah says:

    Thank you so much for this beautiful message dear 😘💕😊just made by day it was the first thing I read today.

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    1. Thank you Nafisa. Im glad it did♥️


  3. Kulu/Majada says:

    Masha Allah ummeetaa u said it all..And this gonna help me alot. Am gonna munch and read them again and again..💞💞and you’re beautiful mashaa Allah. Nice pics

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you

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  5. Amina says:

    Amazing blog, I like the work you do. I follow you on Instagram and am so inspired.

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    1. Thank you Darling 💛

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  6. I have a question. The idea of being an online counsellor just popped into my head and I decided to put it into action. I shared it to my friends and also posted it on my instagram page. I started getting comments that were so discouraging and trust me, I cried. I feel its a means of helping and instead of being encouraged, I was dissapointed although it was free. What’s your opinion or view. Should I bring it on or just eliminate it.

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    1. I think you should pursue your dream. Negativity is common these days, just build a thick skin and do your thing.

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      1. Sure. Jazakillah khairan

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  7. U are really inspiring.. 😍

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  8. Hauwa Zubair says:

    Love love love this! ♥️


      1. Anonymous says:

        Need this💯.
        Bless you darling❤👏🏽🙌🏽

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Masha Allah. May Allah bless you.


  10. Deniz aka Chubado :) says:

    Nice one thanks a lot💕

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  11. Nabila says:

    needed this thank you so much

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