Chef Taylor’s event ‘The New School Czar’s’ at SV chrome Hotels, Abuja.

Hey lovelies..

You guys might be wondering why I havent posted through out the month of February, its just that Ive been super busy with my ups and downs. Thank you to all those that reached out and all the messages but Ive been fine.

Today I want to talk about TNSC event, it was hosted by Chef Taylor (@cheftaylor_o) and Rhoda of . The event happened through the weekend 17th and 18th of February. It was an exclusive event and was invite only.

I wore a green printed skirt I picked from SacréBleu (my brand) with a black top and a white jersey veil. I paired them with a pair of blood red pumps and white side purse.

I actually contemplated wearing the red pumps but they turned out good (spicy). I went to the event with two other bloggers, Salma & Halima.

from the left Halima then Salma.

We also met other bloggers and made new friends ☺️

from the left Kachi, I then Salma.

Now the food, guys the food! Oh the food😍 It was really amazing and tastes really good. The chocolate mousse was my favourite.

It had a layer of regular chocolate mousse and a white chocolate mousse topping. The combo was bomb..

The jollof rice was really good. I could say it studied abroad but its just Nigerian jollof rice with fine ingredients served in a glass tumblr😅 You know Naija always winning!

There was plantain scotch eggs, Hors d’oeuvre and so much more. These are just the stuff I had and I hope you enjoyed reading this.

Break down of what I wore;

Skirt from SacréBleu (

Top and Shoes ; Mango

Purse; Charles & Keith

Veil; Sacrebleu

Watch; michael kors

Lipstick and highlight ; Blush Krush cosmetics in Anarchy (lipstick), highlight in Hollywood.




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  1. I love the way you wrapped your veil. You look gorgeous 😘😘. You guys sure had fun!!!

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    1. Thank you Omaima♥️

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    2. Blessing says:

      Just saw this you look gorgeous and job well done…my people this Ummeetaa is a good lady💕❤💖💖💗💗💗💗💗

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      1. Thank you Blessing♥️♥️


  2. Anonymous says:

    I just want that jollof rice

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    1. Lol. Contact Chef Taylor to hook you up😂


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