Maison the cafe paint workshop with #Kweyve

Basically this was an art exhibition and a paint class with Hafsa of Kweyve art works. She paints only females as she believes women are strong and should be appreciated ! Maison the cafe hosted the class and had it right at the cafe. The exhibition was free but the class was N3000.

It was a really fun experience and all of us really enjoyed ourselves. It wasn’t all about painting though, networking too. I met an interior designer who was actually interested in my work and asked me to give him the painting I had already made.

The down side to this event was that nothing, really nothing was free. (you know I love free stuff), Like we even had to buy the drinks we were served. Okay so I got there really late, the waiter was like ‘welcome Ma’ and I was like ‘Hi, I’m here to see Mimi’ he goes ‘She just stepped out, can I serve you anything while you wait?’ ..

Okay in my mind I thought I was getting free stuff and I was like okay. He offered me the iced tea and I took it. Immediately I took a sip, he hands me the POS machine and I was like whattttt! so the drink isn’t free and I didn’t even get to choose what I want? I paid and moved on, lol.

After I was done painting I came back into the cafe to get a croissant and some coffee. The croissant was nice but I actually never got to drink my espresso, it was raining so I had to have it packaged because it was late and I had to leave so that the rain doesn’t get worse. I took it home and kept it on my dresser and totally forgot about it (even now its still on the dresser. I clean guys)

In summary the event was really fun and educating.. here are some of the pictures I took (They’re from Friday&Saturday.. hence the different handbags) Enjoy watching …

_DSC0570 copy

really niggaIMG_9124IMG_9140

love, Ro.


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