Style pick ; Scarf prints with Mife

Finally Im having a collaboration with Mife. We met somewhere around August last year at a blogger event. She complimented my outfit and we clicked instantly.

Today’s post is about scarf prints. Scarves originated from Rome, where they were used as cleaning cloths by men . Then they moved to the military where they were used to identify the rank of an officer. Eventually, Popular fashion houses manufactured scarves as fashion items in the 1800s. These were usually made from silk with ornate patterns, the most notable examples being those by Hèrmes. Our collaboration was inspired by the Versacé Campaign.

Let me tell you about Mife, she’s really stylish and free with her body. Her style is completely different from mine but we managed to pull this off. She loves crop tops and short skirts but on this post she went with a long dress.. We agreed she would do a scarf and I would use a scarf print purse. She’s so outgoing and fun, never a dull moment with her. Oh and her poses are fire! You should totally check out her blog

On the other hand, I did a black abaya with a scarf printed purse. I hope this helps.


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