Lunch date at The Jerk shack, Abuja.

Hi guys! I know, its been forever but im back. Ive had a lot to deal with this past month and Im sorry I kept yall hanging for a whole month !

In this period of my MIA i tried new places and today Im writing about The Jerk Shack. It is a carribean restaurant based on Bangui street. The first time I went there was for my friend’s birthday dinner (Juju). You guys dont know her probably but you should check out her instagram @mimsphotographyy , she’s a photographer.

Yeah so we went there for her birthday and I tried their Ital carrot soup. Im not even joking it was the best carrot soup I had tried ever. (Well it was the first time I ever tried Ital carrot soup. Im guessing its Jamaican)

So I went back with my husband’s cousin, Nusayba of Cakehut, @cakehut_ng . We had a swell time there and ordered for the carrot soup again. We had a fish in coconut okra soup and some weird drinks which turned out to be really good.

I again went back with my Aunt Rahma. With my aunt we ordered some kind of rice and beef, some dumplings, wings, mac n cheese and we got a complimentary platter.

We watched football and Nigeria scored one against some country. (I cant remember which)

I really like the place and the atmosphere there was amazing. The customer service was good but they kind of rushed our table. The waiters are eager to clean the table for some weird reason and they kept asking if they could take my plate whether I was done.

Would I recommend this place? Yes I will. And I will definitely go back sometime soon.

This post is in no way sponsored, I just like the place and decided to write about it. Enjoy


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