Life and Death..

Its 4am and I’m awake writing this piece. What does living mean to you?

To me, living means having a very happy and genuine relationship with your loved ones. Its not about the material things or achievements, its about the memories made and the hearts touched.

I am writing about my dearest friend, Myrah, who lived a very beautiful life. We met in 2008 at crescent intl Sch. We clicked instantly and became friends. She was the funny type of friend who cracked jokes all the time, she was really cheerful and always happy even though she was ill. She never let that sickness weigh her down, she was very strong.

She was the kind of friend you can talk to for hours without realizing the time has gone. She was the kind of friend that listened, advised and helped like your sister would. She was so full of love and kindness. People would hurt her but she never retaliated or took revenge, she was the forgiving kind. She never judged anyone, and she cared deeply.

She always told us (myself, Rahma and Aisha) how much she loved us. She always listened to our problems and help find solutions to them. She taught me to be confident and never let anyone dim my light.

She always believed in me, she was my first ever SacréBleu customer. I made a pink dress for her and I will never forget how happy and proud she was when I delivered it to her. No matter what was going on in my life, she was always there by my side through the sunny and rainy days.

She never ever fought anybody. People would pick fights but she would ignore. People will do all sorts of things but she never fought them back. she always said “fighting is never the solution”.

I am here in my bed with teary eyes typing this eulogy thinking to myself, what is she feeling? how did she feel? what is she seeing? It could have been any of us. She passed away at a very young age. She was so full of life and promising. She was my best friend and my sister, I loved her so much. May her soul rest in perfect peace.


Please say a prayer for her.

9 thoughts on “Life and Death..

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  1. I know how this feels. I keep Imagining the same thing and also thinking the same thing. It’s not easy to move on. She seems like a beautiful souls. May Allah have mercy on her. Grant her jannah and forgive her shortcomings.


  2. May her soul continue to rest in peace
    i feel thesame thing you are feeling right now,
    this made me remember my best friend i lost 2014,
    He had thesame mindset as you mention above. may there soul continue to rest in peace.


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