Burgundy in Lagos..

Should you ever find yourself in Lagos, Burgundy is the place to go. Though it hasn’t fully opened yet, you should be anticipating it from this pop up we had.

Burgundy is a fine dining experience that serves you a 7 course meal which stays in your mind forever. Its not just any fine dining experience, Burgundy is one in a lifetime. Everything there is new and they’re no limits to what to expect. Expect the unexpected!

Chef stone and the team (us) payed the utmost attention to even the tiniest detail. We hand picked the plates to match every dish to chef stone’s taste. Every cutlery, every glass, every napkin, even the lights. Everything.

There was a canapé splash board. Basically its painting in food that people can actually eat afterwards.

It took a whole lot of effort and over 30 chefs and sous chefs to make this happen. (My heels still hurt from standing in that kitchen). Before the food could get served, chef stone trashed at least 10 plates of every dish. He kept saying ‘what is this rubbish? My guests cant have this! Trash it!’ And into the trash they go.

The food had a lot of love and expertise in them. Everything was made fresh and served fresh.

Truly, the Burgundy is not for the weak hearts. Dinner dates don’t always come as romantic as this..

By the way, another pop up is happening in Abuja, have you reserved a table?

I don’t have any nice photos of myself so here is a random photo in between kitchen work 😅

Meet the chefs and sous chefs


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