Amna’s Private Collection Launch Party. #SS19

I cannot tell you how honored I was to be at the private launch of this collection . Everyone there meant a great deal to Amna’s and have contributed in a way or another. (I literally just quoted the Ceo Fatima)

The vibe was very pinteresty and pink. It had a lot of flowers, I mean a whole of lot of flowers and more pink. The decor was chic and minimal. The seating arrangement was professionally done, I couldn’t point out anything wrong about it. (Even though I didnt actually eat because I wasn’t hungry.)

Now lets talk about what I wore. I wore the Lexi dress from SacréBleu (my brand!). It was a faux wrap dress with cold shoulders and flared sleeves. I paired it with a pair of Guess leopard print pumps and zara raffia box bag that I got from HouseOfHighness. I wore a purple Devonne scarf as a turban and some dangling earrings from Aldo. To finish off the look I wore a Montine gold bracelet with an Esprit watch.

Now lets view the collection;

I also made some new acquaintances (cant really say friends), I met @hyelnimalgwi @haniiifa @hauwaindimi @incurableartist , Aisha, some random ladies and Fatima.

I also took some selfies. Well thats the end of my super lengthy blog post. I look forward to more events. (It December and I got invited to a lot! I might not be attending some)

xoxo, Ummeeta.


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  1. Maimoonah says:

    Wow I love ur collection ❤️

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  2. Maimoonah says:

    Wow I love your collection and ur blog post are nice 👍

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