Holiday bits; Heaven for two

Aloha guys. Its been a while. I went on a vacation and I really did ‘vacationed’ , if that makes any sense. I took sometime out for myself and didn’t do anything stressful, I didn’t make any phone calls, reply to any emails or even checked my emails. (I just realized that I have a bunch to get back to). Anyway, today I’m writing about what we did for my husband’s birthday.

I decided that I would surprise him with a candlelit dinner on the shore at Ras al Khaima but then we found out that it RAK wasn’t all that and we decided not to go. This killed my plan so I had to make a new one. I started researching all the restaurants in Dubai that offer dinner on the shore but most of them just gave dinners with sea view and do not put tables on the sand, the ones that did were booked already and I lost all hope. I told my husband about everything and we decided on celebrating at regular restaurant. It was on the actual day that we came across Caesars Palace and booked a table for two.

Caesars Palace is kind of like a club (not dancing club though), it had a bunch of different restaurants, a lounge and cove beach. Cove beach is a private beach at Bluewaters that you get access to when you eat at caesars palace.

So yeah we got there and gave our surname for our reservation and they took us to a table by a pool. We asked if they can set it up on the shore but the lady said they can’t, I was totally disappointed but then my husband went to explore, thats when he found out that another restaurant offered shore seating and we moved. We later found out that our reservation was for the beach seating and not the pool one, I still wonder why they tried to sit us by the pool.

The shore space had a hammock, a bean chair and table set up. We ordered for coconut drinks, some sushi, some fancy kebabs and cheesecakes. We enjoyed the food, the sunset and the beach. It was a nice date and I look forward to more like this.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

xoxo, Ummeeta.


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  1. Sarah sadiq says:

    hbd to Abu noor, couple crush,😍😘😘😘😘😘😘

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful people Beautiful everything many more beautiful years to hubby.

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  3. Anonymous says:



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