Its been a while..

Hello lovelies,

I promise I’m alive and all over the place.

Recently I have got so much on my plate to deal with. One of the biggest changes was me starting out a fresh Law degree! Its been hectic even harder than the economics I did but we survive. Been struggling to shuffle my education (which is now full time), family in check, Sacrebleu and my contract with Dunes.

Okay, this is like a diary log in but whatever. Lol. In between all these stuff I never forgot to have fun, even thought I barely find time to do anything relaxing. Im so tired everyday that I literally just fall asleep anywhere anytime. The worst space I slept at was on my laptop, camera and equipment. It was so uncomfortable but I slept through the night. Since that day I promised myself to relax and go out every weekend! And so far I’ve held up my promise.

As you all know I like going to tea room and lately I’ve gone there more than 5 times this week🤯. (They need to give me a discount or something. Y’all spam their page abeg, lol) I also didnt forget to take a ton of photos, as the place now has major EL&N vibes. I even planned a surprise dinner for my aunt there.

If I’m not doing that then I’m at Dunes, taking a ton of food photos and doing some confidential stuff that I cant disclose right now. Working there has been so good especially getting to work with my friend Ella. She’s so down to earth and amazing.


Now school, it has been so hectic. I never realized Baze would be this hard, it requires you being there at all times and 9-6. All my classes end at 6. There’s no day that I’ll say I left early. The only ray of sunshine is I drive home in between classes because I get 2-3 hour intervals on Mondays and Fridays.

I try to squeeze in some time for my fashion business and actually process orders on weekends. It still moves because I have staff helping me with hard parts. Bless their souls, without them I would have crashed.

My husband has been so amazing and understanding. He helps me with Nour and MAKES LUNCH! Sometimes even dinner. God knows I love this man, he’s the glue to my broken glass. I can’t ask for anything better on earth. He changes diapers and brushes Nour’s teeth, if I fall asleep at a random place he puts me back at the right place. Im just so lucky to have him.

Well guys, thats it. Looking forward to write another log hopefully soon.




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  1. mamanshakur says:

    Awwn so sweet of him, Allah ya barku tare, and may Allah bless the new degree u embark on. I wish you success dear

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    1. Amin, thank you.


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