Life Update; What I’ve been up to.


Processed with VSCO with p5 presetHey lovelies. Honestly, it has been a while and I really don’t want to make this not blogging a consistent thing. My schedule is super packed and I barely come up with interesting ideas of blog posts or have time to have a proper photoshoot. I’m afraid I might be slacking a bit. So here’s what I’ve been up to..

I wrote exams in the first week of August. I took 9 courses, Well the result came out and it was amazing, your girl got a C, a D, a B and 6 A’s. I was so proud even though I got a D in one of the courses (I actually thought I was getting an F).

In between me writing exams and doubling as a mum and wife, I was under pressure to finish a project I was working on with Dunes which I still can’t disclose. (Its not yet out, sorry guys.) . I finally submitted like the 100th draft and it was accepted, FINALLY.

I also went to kano for eid, which turned out to be hella boring. There actually wasn’t anything for me to do. I didn’t do the meat work and I didn’t help anybody do their meat work. ( By meat work I mean sallah meat. Sharing/cooking/frying/eating). Spent 5days and came back to Abuja.

I got a job offer to work as a restaurant manager for an upcoming restaurant and I accepted. They painted the job to be so flexible because I told them I had time constraint and wouldn’t be able to do a 9-5. We got into a contract that clearly stated “you eventually come up with a schedule that works for you” so I signed it. I mean who wouldn’t? The pay wasn’t all that great but I was passionate.

I started the job, two weeks in and problems started arising..

One of the bosses, apparently thought I wasn’t being serious with job so they called me at 8am, yelling at me because I wasn’t at work by 8. (I went there from 11 to 5 before school resumes, whats wrong there? sometimes they even keep me till 9pm).

They kept on threatening to fire me if I didn’t get serious and report to work from 8am to 5pm. I told them I had a flexible contract with a different brand and I also go to school, so the time I would be there depends on the time I get off school and they signed a contract to that.

Being a law student, I actually know my rights. Them insisting I come to work at 8am to 5pm was a breach of the contract and they piled a ton of work on me which I couldn’t handle. Initially, I had cold feet and told them to hire someone else but they talked me into accepting the job. I asked for the contract to be for 3months probation but they made it into a year. I mean, why on earth would you agree on something then change your mind within days?

Well, I decided to quit. The pressure was too much for me to handle and peace of mind is everything to me. I typed my resignation letter and submitted. I had my freedom again.

Well guys, don’t let anything tamper with your peace of mind. I just know that I am too creative for a 9-5, so I will freelance till I make it.

There you go.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lol. I totally identify with you with the 9-5 thing. I also quit my job beverage of the stress. Man can’t come and die for someone’s problem. Freelance till we make it.


    1. Iswear! If you put that same 9-5 energy in what you do, you have no idea how much you’ll thrive.


  2. Sahni Waiman says:

    And how they abuse a signed contract like it doesn’t mean a thing to them ! What you did was a good one. For your peace of mind at least.


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