Hard Lessons I’ve learnt in 2019

Hi guys, I know.. I’ve been away for months without a single update. I try my best to stay consistent but somehow I keep skipping updates. So for my comeback, I decided to give you a list of things I learnt in 2019. I will be posting two lessons every three days until the end of the year.  Here goes;

  1. Most people are not who they are appear to be;

I cannot emphasise this point enough! Most people appear to be friendly and nice but are actually green snakes under green grass. I experienced this first hand this year. I am the kind of person that trusts easily, and opens up really easily.

I trusted people and they let me down. I took someone really dear to me and she actually let me down, I was hella heart broken but I had to move on and eventually cut her off. People tend to come close to you to see what you’re about, only to go on and spread it to the public with garnish of lies as so much more.

Some people just want to use you for social climbing. Social climbing is when someone becomes your friend only to get close the people you know or the get to the people around you who are on a certain social standard that they haven’t reached yet, or for clout on social media. A lot of people really got close to me to get to the people I know, some would even ask me to introduce them to a certain somebody, and once I do that they dump me and move on up the ladder.

(picture shot on my iphone)

2. Always sign a contract and read the terms of the contract;

Omg guys! I will forever say this, SIGN A CONTRACT! Its never okay to not know what you’re getting into. Sometime in March this year I got into a collaboration with some people without signing a contract. We were to wear some fancy dresses and take photos.  In exchange we get to keep the dresses.

(the only professional photo I have)

The supposed contract was to cover our feeding, makeup, photography, hair, transportation and every other thing that was to come up. Mind you, we never saw the contract but one of us signed it on our behalf, allegedly. So we had fittings and everything and the day of the shoot came. We had the first makeup but the second makeup wasn’t covered and we had to get our own makeup artists, pay for our uber, and so on.

Our food was actually covered but that same friend that signed on our behalf took the food and ate it with her people. Leaving us the ‘models’ to starve. The park had ants and we got bitten (I still have scars from the bites on my thighs and legs). And we also had to change out in the open. These people told us that a set was going to be made where we will have changing rooms, makeup rooms and toilets. None of that was provided, but still we made do of what they gave us (I literally just put on the dress on top of my jeans and top, fortunately the top had spaghetti straps so all I did was take off my Abaya and use the dress as one).

It was time to leave, and this friend of ours just left us at PARK AND ZOO WITH NO RIDE, FOOD OR NOTICE. We realized we were stranded and there wasn’t internet to call an uber, I had to call a friend to request the uber for me and the others. Upon all these things, the people called us and asked us to DRY CLEAN THE DRESSES AND BRING THEM BACK.

Wtaf! We woke up since 7am, started makeup, transported ourselves, picked up the food, went to the park, changed in the open, at some point I did my makeup myself, got bitten by ants and so on. Ever since that day I always asked to see the contract and edit the terms I didn’t like. If we have a contract and they breach it, I have a right to sue for damages. Simple.

Oh and they promised us all the pictures but they ended up giving us 5 photos after we waited for about 2months. Apparently they sent the photos to America for editing. I didnt even get enough pictures to make a detailed blog post. It was the worst collaboration I had in 2019! Well at least the video came out nice which we were charged for.