Picnic for a hike!

Into the woods we go, for a picnic. And by woods I mean the fabricated jungle called Usuma Dam.

We were invited by a friend and her husband (Sabeeha & Muhammad),

such amazing couple. All her family went and we tagged along. She also invited our other friend, Asmee and her husband, Sadiq.

For the picnic, I made a huge casserole dish of pasta salad and a giant bowl of brownies. (The brownies finished within the first hour of the picnic).

Usuma Dam is such a beautiful place. It had the water which had live fish in it, a scenery of greens and mountains, and a bunch of tunnels and fascinating stuff. We had the picnic in the open (though we had to sweep off some dirt to find a place for carpets).

The potluck experience really opened our minds to different kinds of delicacies and the hiking strengthened our bonds as couples. We took a bunch of nice photos and every picture has a story behind it that we will forever cherish.

We talked, ate and hiked. It was an experience for a lifetime. Would we go back? Of course, maybe in March or December. Who knows?


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  1. maryamketso says:

    Masha Allah
    Such beauty


  2. maryamketso says:

    Masha Allah such beauty
    I enjoy reading your blogs and also watching your YouTube videos and all
    May Allah bless you and your family


    1. UmmeetaX says:

      Thank you so much. Amin ya rabb🥰


  3. U are amazing and lovely a role model indeed may Allah continue to guide and protect you and ur entire family always now and forever

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UmmeetaX says:

      Amin ya rab. Thank you 🥰


  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks serene and beautiful


    1. UmmeetaX says:

      It was very peaceful


  5. Ibrahim Bello Baba says:

    Wow this is amazing indeed dear


  6. U are amazing and lovely a role model indeed, I really Enjoyed reading your Blog and your tweets on My TL, I love reading and retweet’s them all. And also liking and given a good comment on your Instagram post. may Allah continue to guide and protect you and ur entire family always now and forever


      1. You’re Welcome Dear 🤝


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