Bored in the house? Here’s 51 movies to watch.

netttttttttttflixWe all just wanted to let go of our responsibilities and stay at home in bed.. Maybe eating snacks and binging Netflix, forgetting our coursework and all the work we had to do. Now that we got that, everyone is missing the outside and the stressful life we had.

Covid19 is very serious and even though we are all bored, I will encourage us to still stay in the house and stay safe. I will put down a list of movies to watch on Netflix and a few other sites to watch movies on. Without any further ado, here goes ;

  1. Self Made, a story of Madam CJ Walker.
  2. Elite
  3. Dynasty
  4. Money Heist
  5. The Invisible Man
  6. Nerve
  7. Game Night
  8. Girls Trip
  9. Tag
  10. Orphan Black
  11. The Kissing booth
  12. The Lying Game
  13. The Mummy
  14. Jennifers body
  15. When They See Us
  16. Lucifer
  17. How to get away with murder
  18. You
  19. Dude
  20. The afterparty
  21. Truth or Dare
  22. Ibiza
  23. Reality High
  24. Expelled
  25. The Dictator
  26. The Hangover
  27. Otherhood
  28. Nappily ever after
  29. Bridesmaids
  30. Sextuplets
  31. Murder mystery
  32. We are the millers
  33. Hush
  34. A quiet place
  35. Paul Blart; The mall cop
  36. Once upon a time
  37. The Mick
  38. The Thoroughbreds
  39. Ingrid goes west
  40. Ma
  41. New in town
  42. Parasite
  43. Ready or not
  44. The Hustle
  45. Playing with fire
  46. The wedding year
  47. Queen and Slim
  48. Sonic the hedgehog
  49. Doolittle
  50. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
  51. Gentlemen Prefer blondes

There you go guys. Some of my favourite movies and shows, if you don’t find them on Netflix try;

  2. Hulu (doesn’t work in Nigeria)
  3. HBO
  4. Youtube
  5. Amazon Prime
  6. (stream)
  7. (stream)
  8. (for downloads)

Wash your hands, hydrate and Stay safe



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