All you need is a hot beverage… -Tints Rabiu

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetWe all love hot beverages. (Well, most of us do.) From coffee, English breakfast to flavoured tea, we always look forward to the next cup of indulgence. Taking hot drinks is one thing but knowing how and when to take them is the ultimate goal. So, below are a few tips on taking the right thing at the right time:

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  1. COFFEE: the smell and satisfying taste of coffee is out of this world but this famous drink is not to be taken all the time, otherwise, you will get addicted or develop a taste aversion for it. The best time to take this is early in the morning while in a rush to get to that early lecture, meeting or simply in your loft kimono or PJ’s at home. First of all, refill the coffee maker and fetch your drink or put the coffee, honey or sugar(white/brown) in a mug or hot paper cup, then add boiling water on top and stir. Then you are good to go. This drink goes best with creamer and brown sugar- although some people like to take it black and plain.

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  1. ENGLISH BREAKFAST: English breakfast is a plain black tea that comes with no flavor and serves as an alternative for coffee especially to those who believe it is too strong for them. This can be taken in the morning too with milk, honey or sugar (white/brown) but some take it with no milk. Different brands like Twinnings, Ronnefeldt, Whittard, Hampstead, Harrods and Lipton make this type of tea.Picture 4
  2. . FLAVORED TEA:At 5pm or after dinner when the lights are dim, candles lit, music is on, the best thing to match that feeling is a cup of well flavored tea accompanied by lemons or ginger. That sets you in an unexplainable mood and helps you get down the meal you just had.Picture 2On the other hand, this is not suitable for mornings because it will make you hungry and unsatisfied, but in another case, a mint, lemon or ginger flavored tea can be taken early in the morning if you feel nauseous or had a lot to eat the previous night. You can take it because you might not have an appetite after just waking up.Picture 3
  3. SICK TEA: we all get sick from time to time. It could be food poisoning, the flu or stomach upset. In that case, none of the hot drinks mentioned above will do the magic. The only thing needed here is a herbal/spice tea. This will soothe all the pain and help get you back on your feet in no time…


Stay safe and drink up your hot beverage.

– Tints Rabiu for


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  1. Faruqh says:

    What an amazing Article keep it up


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    Great article. This puts me in the know-how.

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    1. Thank you. (From Tints)


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    What an amazing article


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    Thank you

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  6. afoodiehaven says:

    Amazing. I love tea and I randomly just take any one at any time. Nice to have a schedule for tea.

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  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Thanks for this . My love for tea has no boundaries.

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    This is amazing I benefit a lot from it keep it up..

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