24 : Growing up.

img_6004Recently Ive just been thinking why the things that used to interest me dont anymore. I used to be super hyped when its my birthday and I still get hyped. I’m currently pumped.

Today I turned 24, and I must say I haven’t only grown age wise but, I have also grown mentally and spiritually. I believe I have become a better person. Its funny how my priorities have shifted, I used to always worry about where to order my cake, is my dress perfect? who to invite, where to celebrate, what photo to post etc. This year I honestly don’t care, I lowkey feel like its a blessing that my birthday came in Ramadan and quarantine.

I used to wonder what gifts I would get, currently the best birthday gift I would receive will probably be a set of pots and pans. Remember how our grandmothers will wrap a frypan and give us on our birthdays which we never appreciated? well, I would really appreciate that fry pan now. A balloon and a very plain cake will go a long way.

Now, I totally believe my birthday being in quarantine is a sign from God that all I need is to just stay indoors and take care of myself. On Wednesday I had a minor surgery (which went really well, Alhamdulillah) that I am still recovering from. Understanding that I can’t go out will force me to actually take good care of myself.

I am so grateful to be alive and healthy (even though I have mad cramps), to have my husband and child, my entire family who has been nothing short of being supportive and kind. I am beyond grateful to God for letting me see this milestone. Alhamdulillah and happy birthday to me.



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  1. hawaua says:

    Happy Birthday ummeeta, may Allah bless your new age


    1. thank you, Amin.

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  2. Happy Birthday Ummita, Allah Khair and Noor now and always. Amin 🤲


  3. Saleemah says:

    Happy birthday beautiful. May Allah bless your new age

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  4. saratukassim says:

    Happy birthday dear

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  5. Aishamaska says:

    Happy birthday 🥰


  6. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday ummeeta…May all ur wishes come true 🌹

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