What I’ve been up to after the pandemic.. 2020/2021 Life Update.


I know right?  such a beautiful picture. It has really been a while I did something fun. It’s either I’m struggling with school work, being a family woman or having long phone calls with clients regarding how to handle their interior decor projects or marketing their brands.

Sometimes I wonder,  what is it that I do that keeps me busy?  Who are all these people calling me and giving me business proposals? Am I even worth it? Can I even execute it? The weird thoughts that run through my brain..

All of a sudden I got an idea of how to make money doing what I love. Actually my husband made me realise I had to invest in what I love, Food. Since the beginning of time, I have always been an apt food lover. Not just any food but good food. I decided I was going to actualise my dream of owning a restaurant/cafe. The ideas started running through my brain and my husband promised to assist me if I ever need assistance. I found a store at a new plaza that wasn’t ready. It was a 28sqm space (yes very tiny) and I was just desperate to start the business so in my head it was fine. I didn’t get the shop which left me heartbroken and back to square one.

I found another shop around the same location but not where I initially wanted. I was ready to pay at that moment. The shop had so many windows and was 39sqms. They gave me an offer letter and I went to check the shop one more time before making a down payment. Only to find out that the shop was given to a freaking PHARMACYYYYYY!!!!!!! And they had already started building shelves and counters. I started making calls all over and finally realised that Ive lost this one too. My heart was broken once again but we move..

I started the business on instagram and suprisingly it picked up (Alhamdulillah). I forgot I was searching for a space and really just invested my time and energy into making the business work from home.

Some friends randomly called to link me with agents. One linked me with a guy who showed me to my present store but told me that we couldn’t get it because it was already rented out. I kept pushing but there was nothing he could do. The other hooked me up with a different agent who I brought to the shop and asked whether he could help get me the space. He made a few phone calls and we were asked to come to their office.

We went and I inquired. They gave me an offer letter and I immediately paid the rent, service charge and Vat. I couldn’t take any more chances! This store was mine!!!

I got the store and I kept it. Paid the rent in September, 2020 but started working on the interiors on 1st October, 2020. I couldn’t finish setting up on time but I needed to make money. I invested so much that I was hella broke at the time. I decided to open the shop on 7th November, 2020. Despite not having chairs or the complete staff.

I opened with borrowed and rented chairs. The person delivering mine failed me and I just had to open. And Alhamdulillah we are open to serve you, literally everyday..

Eventually I keep adding stuff to the store as we go. I am a firm believer of winging things because you never know what will fly..

I also started an interior decor business and Alhamdulillah its going well. Even though I had to ditch my fashion business to pay the utmost attention to this one. I just realised that I lost passion for fashion but design was still in my blood. I figured why not channel it into interiors? We make custom furniture pieces, renovations and finishing.

A friend and I also started a bridal interior business. The Bride Project, a budget-friendly furniture making & interior styling service launched under Upscale Designs & Sacre Bleu Homes, that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the 21st Century bride, who wants to have stylish, good quality furniture at affordable rates.

Our services include custom furniture making & home furnishing at very reasonable rates. We have a range of pre-curated packages that you can choose from, and you have the option to build your own package as well.

We also offer complimentary interior styling for our brides.

We know & understand the hassle that comes with wedding & marriage preparations. Our purpose is to serve you and make sure you have a smooth transition to your new home!

Now, I still do my instagram things and social media marketing. I still do brand marketing online. I still wonder how I manage this as I still haven’t completed my law degree. I’m almost always in school which makes me reliant on other people to handle my stuff. ( I might soon just hire a PA).

Family life. Lord! I honestly have the most amazing husband who is very understanding and supportive. He does all that is in his power to support me in everything I do or every project I take up. I love him and I wouldn’t trade him for the world. My son is a saint too, lol.

I came up with a schedule to help me navigate my life easier and since then I haven’t been happier. Thank you fro reading this and I will try to put out more blog posts.

xx, Ummeeta.


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  1. R’Jay says:

    This is so inspiring. Weldon Ummeeta.
    May God continue to strengthen you and bless all you do. Thanks for sharing this. I read it all at once, without getting bored. Your writing skill is admirable. Jack of many trades, master of them all is what you are. Keep flying.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Deep C says:

    Though you are doing too many things … its good that its all picking up very well … All the Best !

    Liked by 1 person

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