Nour’s Fifth Birthday!

Family photo

This weekend was quite eventful. We celebrated a milestone, a very important one at that. Baby Nour turned 5. As a parent you always just see your kids as babies, he keeps reminding me that “Mummy I’m not a baby, I’m five.” I guess I’d have to accept it sooner or later that my baby is not a baby anymore.

We had a small party for him with very close family and friends. I tried as much as possible to keep the invitation list as small as possible which is so hard because my husband has so many people he wanted to invite. I asked Nour who he wanted to invite and he gave me a list of all the kids on the block, lol. We eventually decided to do 10 cousins, 5 neighbours, 5 friends and 5 classmates. We had 25 names but still ordered extra chairs just in case of an ‘overflow’. lmao.

The invitation list was finalised and I booked Beau events for the decoration.

We booked Cakehut for location, Bleu Cafe for food and Afirahs munch for the small chops. Creamy ones for ice cream, some popcorn and cotton candy. Face painting, bouncing castle, Mayowa Aboah for photography.. etc. Everything was set alhamdulillah.

On the day, everything just went not as planned, especially the bouncing castle. it just kept deflating like it had holes in it. We eventually gave up and decided to have a good time. (I was mostly freaking out honestly).

The kids surely had so much fun. My friends also had a great time. Sabeeha just transformed into a kid and I absolutely loved seeing that version of her.

Nusayba, the owner of cake hut took charge to yell at the people for me so I could relax and have a good time. She did most of my vlogging videos for me, lol. (What would I do without Nusayba?)

Asmee on the other hand was the ‘Marshall of fun on standby’. She was just ready to step in and take charge of anything that was supposed to generate fun. I had a balloon issue and Asmee solved that for me. She kept looking at the checklist and handling all the fun things.

My husband, oh dear. He just went there as a guest as he couldn’t stress about anything. He kept calling me chief party organiser and what not. I’m glad we all had fun. Now here’s extra photos just for fun.

Here’s a photo of Nour and his Nanny.

Nour and Nanny

Nour sure had a lovely time with his friends. Thanks for reading.

xx, Ummeeta.


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