Living with PCOS : TTC 1

Hi guys.. I dont know why but I feel like carrying you along my ttc journey with pcos for baby #2. I get asked a lot how I do it or what the process is like so I decided to bring you along.

When we decided to have a baby I took out my iud last year and since then we’ve been trying and no luck. If you’ve read my previous post on my journey you’ll know that I did the pills and it didnt really work well. This time we are doing pills and injections.

My first appointment was in June. I was given a test for prolactin to come back the following week for the result. So I went back and my prolactin came back normal. I was put on primolut for my period to come so we can start the stimulation since my body couldnt do it naturally. (Pcos is a bitch)

I did my primolut course for 7days and the period came. I was told to come back on day 2 of the menses but I went back on day 4. (The preferred days are day 2 – 5). I was examined and put on a letrozole 5mg course and an FSH/HMG injection course. It’s a weeks stimulation and my fingers were crossed.

The injection was given on the belly. Ive never seen a belly injection in my life till today. Lol, the wonders of hormonal issues. I had a total of 9 injections before the trigger shot was given. It was a hcg shot given twice on the thigh.

All those injections gave me ohss (ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome). It was a bitch. Omg! I dont wish ohss on anybody. It got me hospitalized for 10 days straight. The symptoms were cramps (50x stronger than period cramps), vomitting and nausea, head aches, mood swings, bloating! Serious bloating! I got so fat in just two weeks. I looked like I was 5months pregnant with all the pregnancy symptoms. (Read up on ohss Here).

I got so many injections to stop my blood from clotting and keep away the cramps. After all that my ovaries didnt shrink. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative.

I took so many tests literally daily, but all came back negative. One of my drs told me that the cycle didnt work. I was so crushed and just came back to Abuja.

I went to my second dr and he ordered a pregnancy test again. It came back positive. I was so excited!! I got on cyclogest pressaries, prolactin injections and folic acid. I was 4weeks pregnant when I found out.

At week 5, I got an ultrasound and no gestation sac was seen. Apparently I was spotting. It turned it a heavy bleeding. I went back to hospital and my dr ordered a beta hcg test. Results came back and my hcg levels were rising which meant i was still pregnant.

I was so relieved and was to go back home and come back at week 7 because apparently pregnancy sometimes doesnt show till like week 6 or 7. I took all my medications and was good.

I went back for my week 8 scan and still nothing was in my uterus. I had lost the baby. I had an early miscarriage. The drs called it a chemical pregnancy. I was so broken and that was it. Thats the end of my ttc1.

So yeah, Whenever I decide to ttc again l I’ll keep you guys updated on the journey. Thanks for reading my blog logs.

Xx, Ummeeta.


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