Burgundy in Lagos..

Should you ever find yourself in Lagos, Burgundy is the place to go. Though it hasn't fully opened yet, you should be anticipating it from this pop up we had. Burgundy is a fine dining experience that serves you a 7 course meal which stays in your mind forever. Its not just any fine dining... Continue Reading →

Life and Death..

Its 4am and I'm awake writing this piece. What does living mean to you? To me, living means having a very happy and genuine relationship with your loved ones. Its not about the material things or achievements, its about the memories made and the hearts touched. I am writing about my dearest friend, Myrah, who... Continue Reading →

Life lately; July and August update.

I can swear July has been busiest month of my whole entire life! A lot happened, both good and bad stuff (Alhamdulillah Im grateful for everything). I haven't been blogging as I should because my laptop battery spoilt and I've been using this bad boy for almost a decade (lol). Lets start with the saddest... Continue Reading →

Easy Creamy chicken corn soup

Ingredients, Peas & carrots Sweet corn Tiny chicken pieces Shrimps Oregano Parsley 1 Chicken bouillon (maggi) 1 1/2 cup Cooking cream Black pepper 2tbsp powdered milk Water 1 tsp corn flour Method Place the peas&carrots, chicken pieces, shrimps, corn and water in a pot. Add half a cup of milk and boil. Add oregano, parsley,... Continue Reading →

Easy Chewy Gooey brownies

Hi guys.. I'm sharing my secret goeey brownie recipe with you. Its my top secret recipe but anything for you guys. These are not the cakey kind of brownies but the chewy ones you get from high end cookie stores (because we live in Nigeria, goeey brownies are a privilage. Just kidding). So here goes;... Continue Reading →

Chocolate chip peanut butter cookies

Hey guys, So long time no recipe😅 Today im back with a treat for the peanut butter lovers because in this recipe it is so pronounced! Here goes; Ingredients; 3 eggs 1 cup peanut butter 1cup sugar 1cup flour 1 pack chocolate chips Method; In a bowl add 1 cup peanut butter Add 1 cup... Continue Reading →

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